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Sand Hollow 9/26 & 9/27

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I fished Sand Hollow twice this week. Both times it was in the heat of the day and the topwater action was incredible. I fished the sandy beach area near the ATV staging area.

Wednesday I used poppers and caught about a dozen bass between 8 and 14 inches in about an hour and a half. My 3 year old caught two on a wooly bugger under a bobber (I would cast it out and hand him the rod, he would walk up the bank and managed to catch a couple that way on his own).

Thursday I tried out a homeade balsa topwater plug (I made it myself and I will try to post a picture later). It worked fairly well - my wife used it to catch her first largemouth (she caught 6-7 on it).

Tight lines!
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Here is the picture of the lure I made & used down there. Any suggestions on sources for smaller eye screws? These were the smallest that Home Depot had.[attachment=0:d951e]DSCF0018.JPG[/attachment:d951e]
nice job. im glad to hear the fishing down there is still good. congrats on getting a few of them on a fly rod too, thats awesome.
JAT83 said:
Is that what you caught all the fish on? Looks like a pretty good lure!
Thanks, I carved it out of balsa wood and painted it the night between trips out to Sand Hollow. We caught around 8 on it that second day, the first day I caught everything on flies (mostly a popper).
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