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I like how the state posts the hunter satisfaction scores along with the harvest data. Ya, it's not perfect but I find it can be useful when looking at different choices going into the draw season. Since we have the new 2022 harvest data posted I decided to do some quick 10 key work last night. I am in the elk game so I only did this number crunch regarding elk. I did a simple average of the satisfaction per hunt per season type. All Units are weighted the same. These scores are on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being least satisfied with the hunt and 5 being most satisfied. Here is what I came up with:

Archery: 3.72
Muzzleloader: 4.02
Early Rifle: 4.09
Late Rifle: 3.96
Multi Season: 3.54

Mid Season: 3.60
September Archery: 3.39
HAMS: 3.70

CWMU: 4.52

These surprised me a little. Especially the Multi-season hunt. I think guys have such high expectations and put so much pressure on themselves it diminishes the hunt for them. The high satisfaction on the CWMU doesn't really surprise me as they are including guided paying clients in this so I can see that being skewed. I wish they would only list the satisfaction of the public hunter, I would bet those scores would drop.

Using this along with harvest stats I would say the best value for your points is Muzzleloader and Late Rifle. The success % is comparable on these hunts to early rifle. Maybe if I find some time I can add in average success % to the discussion.

Interesting stuff
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I believe to many hunters go into day one with a high expectation of a great book animal. After the "easy hunt" shock wears off without pics and a tag punched, they either get upset and efforts diminish. Then you have those have a "real expectation" of what they are getting into and don't think there is a book animal around every ridge. These IMO are the successful hunters and have a higher rating of their hunt.
Nothing "UNFAIR" about the lifetime tags. They were offered years ago and some took advantage of it. I had that chance to get one and didn't. Still kicking myself on that one.

It's like saying a 63 split window sitting in my garage that was purchased for 5K new, is now worth $160K that's all original, 34K original miles. I look at the lifetime tags as an investment made for the future.
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All this chatter about best hunt to apply for, unit success percentages with early, mid, late season hunt dates. It truly reminds me of the movie "Moneyball". Has hunting come to the point of hunters paying for a subscription to a "company" (hunting fool, OnX, etc,) for an algorithm of the best odds/chances of drawing a tag? If so, I'm blaming it on the flat brimmers and tech geeks. AND....shame on us for using it. But hey, in today's world of limited opportunities, one has to call in the ace closer. I love baseball by the way. :rolleyes:
Ah … Moneyball … one of my favorite movies!

It’s sad, at least to me, to see all the “influencers” releasing podcast after podcast about how to apply in all the states.
Hunting is great and fun as all get-out. But after "playing" in the woods, chasing wildlife with stick flippers, smoke poles, and rifles the past 45 years, it sure has changed. Evolution of the times past and current I guess. Guess this "Old Timer" needs to change as well, or, sit back and watch others experience the many hunting adventures available.

We will be hosting the annual family Easter Egg hunt and BBQ again at the ranch. I'll be opening up one of the safes for the two grandkids that will begin their first ever hunting adventures. I will make them draw straws to see who goes first to choose what rifle and shotgun they want. This is what I've been looking forward to for a loooooong time. :) That alone, will give me more satisfaction and excitement than shooting a 400" bull.
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