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I like how the state posts the hunter satisfaction scores along with the harvest data. Ya, it's not perfect but I find it can be useful when looking at different choices going into the draw season. Since we have the new 2022 harvest data posted I decided to do some quick 10 key work last night. I am in the elk game so I only did this number crunch regarding elk. I did a simple average of the satisfaction per hunt per season type. All Units are weighted the same. These scores are on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being least satisfied with the hunt and 5 being most satisfied. Here is what I came up with:

Archery: 3.72
Muzzleloader: 4.02
Early Rifle: 4.09
Late Rifle: 3.96
Multi Season: 3.54

Mid Season: 3.60
September Archery: 3.39
HAMS: 3.70

CWMU: 4.52

These surprised me a little. Especially the Multi-season hunt. I think guys have such high expectations and put so much pressure on themselves it diminishes the hunt for them. The high satisfaction on the CWMU doesn't really surprise me as they are including guided paying clients in this so I can see that being skewed. I wish they would only list the satisfaction of the public hunter, I would bet those scores would drop.

Using this along with harvest stats I would say the best value for your points is Muzzleloader and Late Rifle. The success % is comparable on these hunts to early rifle. Maybe if I find some time I can add in average success % to the discussion.

Interesting stuff
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Multi Season has the highest harvest and the second lowest satisfaction--hmmm. Lots of self pressure there me thinks
One thing to keep in mind here is that there are a lot less of these tags than the others. One low satisfaction rating in the multi-season hunt has a much larger impact on dropping the average rating than one low score on the rifle hunt. I'm not disputing the fact that these people that have by and large waited the very longest to draw in some cases have unrealistic expectations, but I think this lower satisfaction gets skewed easier by one or two people than in the other pools.

I wonder if the restructuring of LE elk seasons and changing the age class will help abate point creep to any significant level, or if we will continue seeing such a steady uptick of applicants that it will undo any efforts on that front.
It will absolutely help more hunters draw tags, but I don't think it's going to help with point creep. Everyone keeps trying to help with point creep, and I think it's an "unhelpable" issue. Too many people want too few tags, and that is not going to change. Ever.
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“It took me 23 points to draw this tag and I may never again” doesn’t feel much different much different than “it took me 36 years to draw this tag and I may never again.”

Full random draw eliminates the symptom of point creep, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. It just changes the name.
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Unfair? Not buying that. It’s not unfair DallanC got to experience two deer tags per season and I don’t because the time we each were born. (He’s talked about that numerous times, that’s why I use his name.) Opportunities change over time in all aspects of life. It’s not unfair, it’s called life. Is it fair you could get a mortgage 18 months ago for just over 3% and today it’s over 6%? Is that unfair to those that weren’t looking for a mortgage then but are now? Unfair…hmmmm, nope. Was it unfair my older brother couldn’t big game hunt until he was 16, I got to do it at 14, and kids today can at 12?

Fair is such a hard word and I don’t think anyone really is concerned with “fairness.” When you say full random draw favors nobody, so it’s fair, explain how fair it would be to take points away from people.

The world isn’t “fair” and it never will be. Things change and that is just how it is. I bought my own LL when I was 13 years old. Was it “fair” I’d had a paper route at that time for almost 5 years and had my own money to be able to do this kind of thing and my buddies didn’t? Is it fair my mom doesn’t have to do hunter education if she wants to hunt but my wife and daughters would?

Unfair. Yeah, not buying that.

Lastly, the LL issue has absolutely nothing to do with point creep on LE hunts. It’s completely irrelevant. The two are not connected in any way.
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I only saw small bucks on my general tag this year, I did not pull the trigger. I gave a 5 star rating.

Hunts are what you make them.
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That clarification is both fair and fairer than several others directed at me tonight ;):ROFLMAO:

And I think the heart of the disagreement remains. Any system with a inherent advantage like the LL provided is less fair than the same infrastructure without it.

See, this is where your comment is both unfair and also factually inaccurate.

This thread was about satisfaction on LE elk hunts. Then there were comments about the BONUS point system being “the most fair,” not “fair.”

You took off and ran on this inaccurate pontification on lifetime licenses being an unfair advantage in this system when a lifetime license doesn’t provide any advantage in the LE elk system, and no advantage in the bonus pool system at all. I realize you got made fun of by someone that always makes fun of you and you two have beef, but that is no reason to dig in your heels. Just ignore him and realize you’re off the rails here.

So keep being unfair in your replies (see what I did there?), that’s okay, but at least be accurate. There is a serious objective error in your analysis here, one that I pointed out before in that LL don’t have anything to do with the systems we’re discussing in this thread. Nor do they have anything to do with one’s satisfaction on a hunt. (A LE elk hunt, no less!)
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People were just replying to you on the LL topic. Nobody was discussing it outside of the context you fabricated. And if you go back and review the posts, you’ll see it was absolutely about the bonus point system. (Half to the highest point holders, half random...that is the bonus point system, not general deer draw system.)

Don’t be disappointed. I’m trying to help you here. You’re off the rails on this discussion. You’re completely out of context arguing something that is irrelevant to hunter satisfaction or the LE elk system.

But proceed down this road if you must! If I haven’t convinced you of the error by now, I won’t ever.
I love these numbers...I used to go the rounds with people making the same point this post makes--the difference between having a rifle LE elk hunt within the rut and outside of the rut is so small that it makes hardly any difference overall.
Shhhhhh, don’t go ruining the secret!
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Wrong thread...get your head in that game!
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