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Great to see this site up and running. I registered a couple weeks ago, but have been to busy to do any posting.
Got to the State Park boat ramp at 7:30, we were the 2nd boat on the water and man was it COLD the temp read 4.
Got a good laugh early watching AFdude try to jump from the shore to the dock wearing 15 layers of clothes. It would have been priceless to see him fall in but somehow he managed his way on the dock. We headed out to the island. Anchored in 10' on the north side and immediately got into fish, however we could only fish in this location for about 1 hour before the ice moved in and made the fishing impossible, we moved around to the east side away from the ice, we anchored in 9', fishing was slow at this spot, we only landed 3-4 in the hour we were there, seemed like the fish were in shallow so we moved 70-80yds down the island and anchored in 8'. Like the 1st location we got into fish almost immediately.
Fished until 1:30, did not land anything huge but nothing under 14", a few that went 18-19"
Did not keep track of exact totals, I'm sure we boated between 25-30 fish, mostly rainbows with a few tigers, all of the 14-16" rainbows were very fat and healthy. The tigers were a little snakey
Used lots of different baits, worms and marshmellows were by far the most productive. It was too cold and with gloves and lots of layers on it was to uncomfortable to throw lures.
Had a few boats stop and fish around us, did not see them catch anything, I think they were fishing to deep
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