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scofield and price river

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i hit scofield with a few family members hoping to find all the big fish that are coming up to eat. no big ones but we did manage to catch around 40 fish, releasing about two thirds and eating the rest.

also stopped on the price river just to see what was there and believe it or not i caught five fish in about a half hour. three were tigers and two cuts. i was very surprised to see the tigers in there.
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also suprised to see cutts in there. were you fishing price or lower fish creek?

nice job on getting all those fish though. 40 is a lot.
Were you fishing just below the dam? I have never caught a tiger from there or a cut you have my intrest peaked!
There are both in there... but much further down.
K O, I gotta ya... A hiking we will go a hiking we will go...
i did fish the price not lower fish creek and it was also on the other side of hwy 6 so a long hiking you will go.
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