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Scofield - Slow fishing but better than I have been doing

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I took a ride up to Scofield today to see how the fish wintered with the long ice season. I launched my tube on the southeast side of the reservoir about 7:30 and fished until 3:30 using my usual fly tackle.
There were a few shore fishermen and one boat on the water when I got there.

I used a medium sink line and some size 6-8 bead head leech and soft hackle patterns. I managed to pick up a few cutthroats (all in the slot) and a disappointing number of chubs, all around 12". I can say I helped feed a few pelicans. ;)

The water temperature was 48-58 degrees and the visibility in the water (photo) of only about one foot. The reservoir level is at 24% full and coming up about 1% per day. There is quite a bit of debris in the water from the high runoff.

I had to pretty much cast & strip all day because of the poor water clarity. That seemed to be the only way to get their attention. The fishing was slow but it was better than I've been having so I'll take it. As you can see from the pictures, the cutthroats made it through the winter in good shape, sorry to say the chubs did too.

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Chubs!.......................................Say it ain't so. 馃檨

At least the cutts look like they came through the winter OK.
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If I could get into some chubs, I'd take them back home and use for cut bait. Trying to see the positive in a negative situation.
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