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Shot shell recipies

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Does anyone have an older manual that shows steel shot recipes for other powders besides Alliant Steel? I am using a Lee Load All II and it does not feed Alliant Steel reliably.
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Yes. I can't read your mind and don't want to post all 2000 here. What hull, primer, powder, wad, and shot charge can narrow it down.
Federal 2 3/4--12 guage---Federal 209A (202) primer --- 1 1/8 shot (Steel #2)---Federal 12S3 wad. Alliant Blue Dot or IMR 4227 or Unique. I would like to get 1400+ fps 1500 would be ideal...Thanks
What you want doesn't exist. Your wad is a lead wad, no steel shot data for that 12S3 and shouldn't be used with steel shot. I don't know enough about your hull to know if it would work and the only powder suitable you listed is the blue dot. With 1 1/8oz of steel shot in a 2 3/4" hull, you'll be in the 1200-1300s.

No offense intended, but you really don't understand no tox reloading enough to not be a danger to yourself and others. Reloading steel and lead or very different. You should be hand weighing each component and you should not sub components at all. If you want to reload no tox, you really need a scale and the right components. The only think you should be using that lee load all for is priming and crimping. I would suggest you get Lyman Shotshell Handbook, they have some data for a 2 3/4" 1 1/8oz steel with blue dot, but it is with a different hull.
I didn't think it existed that's why I was asking. The new manual I have does not show any recipes for steel shot with those powders. I read some where that the older manuals had a few listings for blue dot and other powders. I know that steel and lead are like day and night. I think I will hand charge with the alliant steel and just use the lee load all to add the shot and to crimp. I have loaded lead only in the past and so I am trying to get into loading non tox....I also listed the wrong wads as I was looking at a bag of 12S3's the hulls are PT1265's.
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