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shotgun shells

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alright now my question is what shells should i use for ducks and geese? the last two times i've been out i used 2 boxes of 12 ga, 3 in., 1550 fps, 1 1/8 oz, 2 shot and the brand is remington sportsman, it cost $11.50 per box at sportsmans warehouse and have only got one mallard. so should i go with a different brand and shot and weight or a different choke?
any ideas?
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Theres some good advise in your post.
At 20 to 30 yards theres plenty of pattern no matter what your shooting if you put it where it belongs..
Practice a smooth consistant gun mount at home. Keep your eyes on your target (like the corner of a room)smoothly mount the gun and swing down the wall to cealing seam. Slide a AA minimag flash light down the barrel and it will show you where your aim is. Take your time
one properly placed shot works much better that three speedy ones.
Keep your head down on the gun, Keep your eye on your target, and Poof!! it is gone!!

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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