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Side x Side or Over/Under

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I'm in the market for either a 20 or 28 gauge over/under or side x side. I never thought I'd be interested in a side x side, but I was handling one over the weekend and really liked the feel of it. My budget is $3k.

Over/under or side x side?

I've always been a Benelli fan, so I'm seriously contemplating a Benelli or Beretta if I go down the over/under route.
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I bought the SP in 28 a few years ago and use it on wild Roosters.
Not sure where you live but if willing to travel to south end of SL Country come on over and throw it up.
I am part owner in a private skeet field, if you can wait a month I will just take you there and you can shoot a round or two with it.
We will take Jerry with us!
Dang, that's quite the offer! I'm out on the Wasatch Front frequently due to travel sports with my kids - I'll have to hit you up!

I'm really leaning toward the SP 28! I shot one in Argentina for doves and fell in love!
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I also stumbled across the Rizzini series of BR110's. Really good looking guns!
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