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Side x Side or Over/Under

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I'm in the market for either a 20 or 28 gauge over/under or side x side. I never thought I'd be interested in a side x side, but I was handling one over the weekend and really liked the feel of it. My budget is $3k.

Over/under or side x side?

I've always been a Benelli fan, so I'm seriously contemplating a Benelli or Beretta if I go down the over/under route.
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I have a SKB SxS in 20ga and had a CZ SxS in 28ga. I loved the idea of them, but in reality really struggled to shoot them very well. Over/Under just naturally settles in like a Benelli semi auto and I shoot them just as well. The sight picture is so different, even with using one for 3 consecutive clay sessions and hunts, I still could not get used to the sight picture. The other issue I had with a SxS was the barrel got so hot during a good dove shoot, I could no longer wrap my fingers around the barrel. With that kind of budget, get a Beretta Silver Pigeon 28ga O/U with 28" barrels and then pick up a turkish SxS in 20ga with the extra to see if it is something you like.
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I have my eye on the Franchi and Fausti OU's. I know Cabelas in Lehi had a couple of the Franchi 28G OU in their gun vault show room yesterday when I was there. One was a slighltly more modest version for $1599 and the other was a prettier option for $1899. I want one in the 16G as I already have a 28 but I really liked that Franchi OU. Really felt good in my hands.
While at cabelas look at the 28ga BR110 O/U by Rizzini along with the Franchi SLX 28ga. They were both the same price and were equally impressive to me when I held them a couple days ago. I also tested the 28ga Silver Pigeon as well. It was solid, but at least 6-8oz more weight and I did not like the balance as much. Right now, I am leaning towards the Rizzini of the 3 guns.
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