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Side x Side or Over/Under

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I'm in the market for either a 20 or 28 gauge over/under or side x side. I never thought I'd be interested in a side x side, but I was handling one over the weekend and really liked the feel of it. My budget is $3k.

Over/under or side x side?

I've always been a Benelli fan, so I'm seriously contemplating a Benelli or Beretta if I go down the over/under route.
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If you can get a few people together that are willing to let you shoot their guns, I’d throw my Citori in the ring for you to try.

I wish we could do more try before you buy shoots. Especially when it comes to expensive guns
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I recently went to TNT with a group of friends and one of them was talking about wanting a new 9mm but wasn’t sure what he wanted (relatively new to the sport) so we pulled out 7-8 different 9mms and lined them up with 5 rounds in them and he shot them all.

It taught him a lot about triggers and grip shapes / lengths which really helped him narrow his selection down.

So it would be fun to help CPA (or other members) see what fits his needs best.
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