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Skyline Highway question

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OK, you guys with knowledge of hunting along the Skyline Highway I could use your input here. Today I was able to secure permission to hunt on some private property that bumps up against the nation forest very close to Skyline. This is my first year hunting in Utah and I was wondering what method you would hunt this. Should I sit near the bottom of the short canyons, should I walk them, should I sit on teh point of a ridge, or should I walk those?

Any help is appreciated as I have just received this permission and I have not scouted any of it. It is in the Mt Pleasant area if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance
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This early in the season on Skyline, I would delve as deep as possible into the canyons. With all the hunters afoot and with the little/no snowfall, they will be staying low, low, low.

I actually find this unique to Skyline. Other areas differ slightly, but for Skyline, I would head deep, find water, and spot and stalk.
I would do all everything you said. But i especially like to walk along the ridges where you can peer down either side. I usually find some of the bigger bucks(are you talking about deer hunting?) on those ridgelines where they can escape easily to either side. But I also like to walk very slowly through the deep stuff. i say this because I have noticed that the deer sneak around you instead of sprinting off most of the time. JMO
I was refering to elk, but with as much pressure that they will be getting, I figure all of the animals will be running to similar locations to escape. Thanks for the info.
The elk are up a little higher than where the private property ends, right now I would just get on top of the skyline and glass into all of the canyons that shoot out. They are pretty steep and deep so i would make sure you see elk in them before you commit to hike in. I heard that there are alot of elk right now in ephriam canyon and out on to wagon ridge road, around the petes hole area. .
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