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I am confused by Salt Lake County's and the Division's shooting restrictions in Salt Lake County.

The restrictions require hunters to be at least 1 mile from buildings in Salt Lake County with no clarification as to what is and is not a building (like cell towers, bathrooms, and transfer stations) and how is a mile measured? Is the mile measured by a map like the crow flies, or do you have to walk with your GPS from each and every building (often on private property) to measure off a mile? Since building are not shown on maps and normal range finders do not reach one mile, it is way too difficult to be sure you are following this law!

The one mile restrictions applying to muzzle loaders and shot guns with slugs were clearly written out of ignorant fear by people who do not hunt (or understand) these weapons!

I have several areas I would like to hunt that I beleive meet the requirements, but since I cannot be certain one way or the other I simply do not hunt them even though other hunters do.

Any thoughts are welcome.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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