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SL Tribune trashes the DWR's RAC process

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I read an interesting article in the Tribune from Tom Wharton at http://sltrib.com/outdoors/ci_6809767

Here's the first paragraph: "Utah ought to get away from the sham that the public owns wildlife and is a part of its management. If truth in advertising were in effect, the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) would be called the Division of Hunting and Angling."

He goes on to describe how a former non-hunting RAC member says the entire thing was rigged to promote hunting and fishing, and then blames special interest groups like Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

Okay, he's right about SFW having way too much say in what should be a public process, but you've got to give them credit for going to bat for us -- like them or not. Am I wrong?
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Good points Gordy. Do we REALLy want non consumptive users pushing their agendas?

Like Gordy stated, they number 90% If just a fraction of themm got serious about it, we would be S.O.L.. We need to make sure the picture we paint is in soft, vivid colors that appeal to the most eyes possible. The 80% "undecided" is a very important sect to show our best paintings to.

There are a certain # of hunters that will paint an ugly picture with no regard to these people (Very few of whom will see these posts.) by doing what they do out of a sense of entitlement and by blatently not thinking or caring what it is their actions result in.

Therefore, It is up to us as responsible sportsmen and women to educate (Not to be confused with pushing one's ethics on them) them about being accountable for our/their actions and what the result of neglecting these responsibilities might look like.

Every time someone sees an archer cutting through someones yard or hunting too close to homes on the Wasatch, discarding beercans on the trail, riding on unmarked trails or many of the other things that shed an unwanted an unflattering light on the rest of us, we are that much closer to staying home in the fall. Every time someone is overheard talking of the one that got away due to careless and/or reckless behavior, there is possibility of that being the last straw for a fence sitter. It is up to us as not only stewards of the game we persue, but stewards of the masses we represent, to educate with velvet gloves, our brothers who share the passion for the very things that many of us live for.

I would like to challenge each and every one of you to make a positive contribution to what it is you love, by taking a hard look at your reactions and or behavior when you are in the field. Remember, you are representing all of us.
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The science behind poop sticking together. :wink:
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