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SL Tribune trashes the DWR's RAC process

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I read an interesting article in the Tribune from Tom Wharton at http://sltrib.com/outdoors/ci_6809767

Here's the first paragraph: "Utah ought to get away from the sham that the public owns wildlife and is a part of its management. If truth in advertising were in effect, the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) would be called the Division of Hunting and Angling."

He goes on to describe how a former non-hunting RAC member says the entire thing was rigged to promote hunting and fishing, and then blames special interest groups like Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

Okay, he's right about SFW having way too much say in what should be a public process, but you've got to give them credit for going to bat for us -- like them or not. Am I wrong?
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ELK the issue you just described is the exact issue that many NON TREEHUGGERS dont get.
Look what the treehuggers did to our old DWR forum!! Shut that sumbitch down lickity split!!

Less than 10% of society hunt. More than 10% are adamant anti hunters!! It's the other
approximate 80% that we need to keep on our side. Keep up with the arrogant attitude
get the wrong governor in place to appoint someone more spineless that good old Karp and
you've got the makings of a real disaster.

How freaking arrogant do we need to be, well sportsmen pay for the wildlife we all enjoy.
well I have no kids in the public school system does this mean that I can run down to the local high school and tell the english teacher how to teach the class because I pay my fair share of taxes??? Oh wait I pay tuition for private school for my two kids does this mean I really get to let the public school teacher have it???

As misguided or not misguided as some opinions are ( and mine is probably one of them )
we need to get over ourselves. Just because we buy a hunting license or drop $25.00
to join a sportsmans group doesn't mean we are any more entitled to a public resource than
any other taxpayer in the state. Once the general public figures this out and starts "stacking the RACs" Look out!!!
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WYO2 and ELK I knew there was something I liked about you two.
Not only do ya need to recruit kids but they must experience success.
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