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SL Tribune trashes the DWR's RAC process

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I read an interesting article in the Tribune from Tom Wharton at http://sltrib.com/outdoors/ci_6809767

Here's the first paragraph: "Utah ought to get away from the sham that the public owns wildlife and is a part of its management. If truth in advertising were in effect, the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) would be called the Division of Hunting and Angling."

He goes on to describe how a former non-hunting RAC member says the entire thing was rigged to promote hunting and fishing, and then blames special interest groups like Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

Okay, he's right about SFW having way too much say in what should be a public process, but you've got to give them credit for going to bat for us -- like them or not. Am I wrong?
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I think the DWR needs to go back to being public servants, I have sent a few emails to the CWMU manager and he continues to ignore them. Do you have to go a RAC meeting and raise a fuss in order to get a question answered? I can understand this guys frustrations with the process because I am getting sick of public land being locked up behind CWMU.
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