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Small Moose

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On September 14th I arrowed a small moose.

There were 4 bulls and 4 cows and calves having an orgy on the Ham's Fork in an ocean of ten-foot tall willows. I called 2 bulls in and shot the smaller one across the river at 13.5 yards. The G5 125 gr. arrow passed completely through. The blood trail dissappeared at 60 yards. It took 5 hours to find him. After he quit bleeding, he doubled back and followed the moose herd. He died 497 feet (according to my GPS) later in a beaver pond. He was hit in one lung and the liver. There were no signs of a struggle where he laid piled up on some willows in the pond. I think he died quietly.

Here's some pics:
I was up wind so I sprayed some moose scent. Geez, they liked that stuff! There is
nice one to the left; his horns just sticking out above the tops of the willows.

This is the small one I shot as he was trying to step to cross the river towards me.
I don't know if he wanted to breed me or kick my ass.

Kind of a wet spot.

6 trips out to the road.

It was the 22nd bull I seen in 12 days of archery hunting.
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Freakin awesom! 8) 8)
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