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We hunted a new area on the opening morning. Fairly close to where we have hunted in the past but easier.............. we thought. First morning the elk were bugling quite a bit. I was within shooting range of a couple of talking bulls at one point but the area was so thick I never did see them.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Went and gassed up the truck and came home to wait for my brother in law. When I tried to start the truck again it wouldn't start. After a little battery work we were on our way 30 minutes later than planned. We hiked in and got almost to where we wanted to be and the storm hit. We hid under a pine tree trying to stay dry for over and hour. I guess the message with the battery was that there was no need to hurry. We thought the elk would be out after the rain but we didn't see anything so we went after them. I hiked down and across several pine ridges. The rain had made it very quiet walking and all of the sudden a spike stood up 20 yards away and stared at me. I shot him and two others stood up by my brother in law was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately our elk hunting is done without horses so it was a long trip out. We are sore today but it's good to have another one heading for the freezer.


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