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Spotting scope

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I'm looking to buy a spotting scope and I could really use some advice. I will mostly be doing back country elk and deer with lots of hiking. My problem is that I'm kind of ballin on a budget here and I'm wondering if I can get a decent scope for 1,000 or under? I'll buy a new or used on as long as it's in good condition. Any advice?
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I recently bought a vortex viper HD. It was under $1000, and I have not been disappointed. The lifetime warrantee is hard to beat too. Kents Marketplace is the best place to buy optics in Northern Utah. It's a hidden gem. They sell them cheaper than anywhere around.
Vortex Razor 16x48x65. They are listed at $1199 but you can get them cheaper. Kent's is a great suggestion. Got it this year with a lightweight tripod and it's been awesome. You do sacrifice some things going smaller and lighter weight, but it's a fantastic backcountry spotter.
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I switched the Vortex Viper HD 15X50 binocs as it gave me kind of the best of both. Again, Kent's in Tremonton is the place to buy!
Vortex viper HD 20x60x80 is what I have got it used off of ksl for a steal of a deal and it was probably the most important piece of equipment I used this year i love it.

If you're backpacking take a serious look at the compact spotters. My favorite is the Vortex Razor 50mm compact. Great scope, and way under your budget. A close second would be the Leupold compact that was listed in the thread. I also really like the little minox compact scope, it's not as clear, but can be had for around $250 and is a steal at that price.

If you do want something a little bigger in the 65mm range, look hard at the Viper and Razor from Vortex. I also have been impressed with the Vanguard Endeavor HD spotters. Found here: http://amzn.to/1GKWv3z -- at under $500 these are a steal.

There are a lot of great options out there. If you go to a big box store, make sure you take them outside in lower light conditions to look through them, as many will look very similar during the middle of the day.
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