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Springer training materials

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I'm actively looking for a springer spaniel puppy this spring for my family as a hunting dog for my husband and myself. We're planning on training them to flush upland game as well as retrieve waterfowl.

I have limited experience training a Labrador with my grandpa as a kid, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on particular books or dvds that can get us started.

Thank you!
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I bought a couple of books on spaniel training.

Gun-Dog Training
Spaniels and Retrievers
Kenneth C. Roebuck

Hunting with Spaniels
Training your Flushing Dog
Paul Morrison

I put the title of each book on two lines to reflect the formats of the titles on the covers of the books.

I read the first of these books and skimmed the second. I have not trained a dog using the methods in these books, but the information in the books seems good to me, and both books get good reviews at Amazon.
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