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Status of GSL and our Reservoirs

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I wanted to start a separate thread to really discuss the issue of our reservoirs and the GSL. While it is obviously related to winter snowpack, it just felt it deserved its own discussion.

One thought I’ve had recently is this: Just about everywhere that all reading this forum lives used to be under a big body of water named Lake Bonneville. That lake has, for all intents and purposes, almost completely disappeared. Of course we are now talking about saving one of its main remnants in the GSL, but there used to be this vast inland sea.

It did not disappear due to watering our lawns or taking too long of showers. It did not disappear due to inefficient agriculture practices. It didn’t disappear due to anything with humans at all.

I guess what I’m saying is that while I desperately hope we can reverse the course of the GSL for 1,000 different reasons, are we spitting into the wind here? Of course I want us to keep trying, to be clear.

I just wonder if there are forces well beyond our abilities to influence that are hitting our water sources, and that should be the scariest thing of all. Is the CO River system, along with all its reservoirs, and the GSL doomed regardless of what we do?
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Pollution is what is taking the water more than anything else. Water that gets bound up in products, or industrial. Followed by golf courses that don’t use gray water. Ya’ll can fight me all you want, but it is people! Soylent green is people!!?!
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