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Strawberry 10/23

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hit mud creek for a couple of hours today between the prime deer times, no fish and no bites but i did see a guy out in a boat catch a couple of fish, i used power bait and even tried a couple lures, but all i caught was salad and alot of it
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At least you're spending your spare time doing something worthwhile. Good job. Let us know how it goes next time.
what's sad is i was in the same place last thursday and we caught 7 between the three of us, all but one was a cut in the slot, the other was an 11" chub, all cuts were caught on various types of powerbait didn't seem to matter, the chub was caught on a worm
Sorry to hear about the ol skunk. At least you got out and did some fishin in between the hunt! Mud Creek has usually treated me well in the past.
I was fishing from a boat in Mud Creek yesterday. What time were you there?
i was there from about 11:30 til 2:30
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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