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Strawberry October 12th

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I took my brother, his two sons and my father in law to Strawberry on Friday. It was a great day weather wise..... no wind until 3 PM and then it was minor until 5 PM when we left. There were alot of boats up there for a Friday.

Place Fished: Strawberry out of the Stawberry Marina
Started Fishing: 8:00 a.m.
End Fishing: 5:00 p.m.
People in Party: 5
Fish Species Targeted: Cutthroats and Rainbows
Rainbows Landed: 0
Cutthroats Landed: 55
Total Fish Harvested this trip: 0
Successful Lure: Gold Spoons, Dodgers with worms, Dodger and hoochie squid
Soak Time between Bites and recast: 20 Minutes

The average Cutthroat was 19 inches long and very pretty. We caught ten fish 20 inches and over with the largest being 23 inches and fat (for a Stawberry cutthroat). We caught a number of fish off of Mud Creek but the consistently larger fish came from a trolling line just off of the marina and heading East into the main lake.

I am attaching two pictures. My camera battery went out early so I didn't get pictures of the biggest fish which came later in the day.
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55 fish with a 19 inch average= one great trip. Sounds like the trout are really coming to life.
that sounds awesome. good job getting into the fish.
Wow sounds like an awesome day of fishing! 55 freakin cuttys?! I dont think I have ever topped a twenty fish day haha. Next time Im up there Ill have to try trolling from my toon. Were you guys trolling with downriggers or leaded line? Good job on the report!
We used one downrigger and two leaded line poles. Early in the day we were graphing schools of fish in two different parts of the water column: 5 feet deep and on the bottom in about 25 feet. Later in the day they were at 15 feet and on the bottom in 25 - 30 ft. We adjusted to try to put the lures at the appropriate depths. We did not fish the bottom but I saw a number of boats still fishing with what looked like tube jigs. We noted they were having success.
That's a great trip. And the wind even left you alone, mostly. I could use more trips to Strawberry with less wind.
Holly cutthroats batman 55! That is one heck of an outing that probably explains why there were so many boats out there! Sounds like the fall buffet has started before the ice comes, thanks for the report!
Dude... 55 fish is freakin' ridiculus! :shock:

Way to go and great report!
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