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Strawberry Reservoir

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Just drove by reservoir on Saturday December 12th. There were numerous ice fisherman on soldier creek side ice fishing right by highway 40. The rest of the reservoir is still open water
3" to 4" of ice reported at the marina Dec 27th.
I fished Strawberry today. (12/28/2015) We fished the soldier creek side.
The ice thickness fluctuated between 3 and 6 inches depending on where we were. we took the 4 wheelers and hugged the shore line. We were constantly checking the ice and got to a point on the east side of the main bay where the ice was 2 3/4 thick. Ice was making tons of noise and cracking. a majority of our fishing was on 4 inches of ice and it was solid. We played it safe with the bikes and we felt safe (mostly) "Famous last words"
I'd be willing to bet with the temps, at least in that area (soldier creek) it will have 8-10 inches by the weekend.

Fishing was super slow. with 6 of us and 2 rods per guy we only caught 10 fish. we used everything, Ice flies, white culy tails, green curly tails, saltNpepper tube jugs, paddle bugs, shrimpos, ect... tipped with worm or wax worm. in all depths. Ice flies worked the best.

Just a bad day of fishing. maybe the moon phase played into our bad luck.
There was 5 inches of hard, clear ice everywhere I drilled in the marina area. Lots of people there, including the ice windsurfers.
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We fished mud creek on Monday and the ice was 7" with a layer of snow and then another 3" of ice on top. Fishing was slow but still good to get out on the ice. :)
Ice now 12 inches thick with hard, clear ice. Sleds and ATV's going everywhere. Use some caution with these. The Strawberry marina facebook showed a wheeler that hit a pressure ridge and got stuck.
Fished the bay at the marina today and ice is 10.5-12 inches thick. No fish though :cry:
I was there this morning and while ice is rock solid, it is worth pointing out that the slush monster is starting to appear and made movement challenging in places. Prepare accordingly.
With the recent snow, there is quite a bit of slush in many areas. Walking can be a challenge. Sleds are doing OK, but ATV's may not. There is still over a foot of hard, clear ice under the slush.
as of feb 13 the ice was very thick, 16+ inches with a fair amount of patchy slush and snow on top. My ATV struggled in some very slushy areas but eventually made it to where we wanted to go. Snowmobiles didn't have any problems that I saw but I wouldn't venture to far on a ATV or your going to get stuck in some nasty slush!
Is the ice still safe after all this warm weather?
I was out there on the 20th and there was still plenty of ice. At least 18 inches. Lots of snowmobiles and atv's on the ice. I didn't notice any slush or anything around the edges yet.
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As of 2/27 still 18-24" of ice no slush along the shoreline.
Stopped by a couple days ago and the ice was a solid 20+ inches where we were and edges were fine.
Is the ice gone yet?

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