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stuck home

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i wanted to go out hunting today since its perfect weather today but my dad wouldn't take me :evil:
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Me To. Well They are out of town and said I am not responsible enough to go on my own. :( :evil: :evil:
im stuck at home to. but that was my choice to stay home for a new boat. :D
Stuck at work... :?

Weather was perfect this morning, though.
i went deer hunting. i wish i would have brought my duck gear.
morning hunt sucked but once the storm moved in it was awsome
Got off shift at 7 this morning and could see promising signs coming from the north. Slept until early afternoon and felt like I should have gotten up a little earlier and hit the marsh. On my run today, I kept thinking, "Man, It'd be a good day for duck hunting!" My "weekend" starts Monday, and of course we're suppossed to have nothing but bluebird conditions and temps that will surely inspire the skeeters to take wing. :x
dkhntrdstn said:
im stuck at home to. but that was my choice to stay home for a new boat. :D
Does that mean your old one is going on the market? From the pics, it looked like a pretty sweet set up.
yea. just the boat and the trailer is going up for sell. hopfuly this week. im taking my motor and blind and puting it on the new one.
what kind of boat is it and how much are you asking?
If he's not selling the motor with it, it'd be one hell of a row to get it anywhere. :lol: I suppose the question you should be asked is.... are you hunting alone and do you love life without hernias? If the answer to the first question is yes, recruit help or hunting partners if you consider buying this boat. If the answer to either or both questions is no, this will be a good solid boat for you. Its very stable with lots of room for dekes, people, dogs and all the other stuff you want to carry with you and you can get Mudbuddy blinds for it that hide you pretty dang well. Yeah, I hunted out of it last year... I'm not just talking out of my a** about it. 8) Its a backbreaker to get it out of the weeds if you run it too deep but it'll get you just about anywhere and isn't too bad to haul around with you by hand while you pick up dekes. The trailer is good and solid too but I'd request the cover thrown in if I was interested in the rig. It would be a good starter boat for anyone that already has a motor laying around or can get one, and doesn't have the money for a newer, lighter boat that comes with a motor attached.
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you could get a scavenger motor for it ordered mine about 2 weeks ago and got it today
it a 16ft xpress welded with a V front. the cover comes with it and it has a spare tire to. Im not shur yet how much im asking for it yet. I have printed the papers how much the boat and the trailer is worth. soon as the wife and i get it cleaned up and get pic of it. I will post it on here with the price. it realy good boat. I have realy liked it alot.
I posted the For Sale Flyer in the Misc. Trading Post. . . . Check it out if you'd like.
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