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Successful 2015 Elk Hunt

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Well, the stars aligned perfectly over the weekend and I was able to seal the deal on a great bull elk. While hunting, things never seem to go as planned but this time everything worked out. You'll see in the video how close this bull came in, first time I've ever had a bull that close. I could have used my bow. The packout was brutal but with the help of some friends and family we made it out and didn't have any meat go bad in the 75 degree weather. The bull died right in the sun but we worked as quick as possible to get him caped and quartered. Still took several hours and the packout took several hours more. Total of 13 hours to get back to camp with the meat from the time I shot. Here's a video and some pictures of the great weekend.

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Holy crap that's a nice bull! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love big fives!
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Congrats on your bull. He is a stud. Looks like a great hunt. What Unit did you have?
You got very lucky with the high temps and keeping the meat cool, nice bull for sure. And I second that looking like the Manti.
Yep, manti. Beautiful area
A man after my own heart, A big five AND on the Manti. You lucky dog, nice work!!!

Here's the bullet I recovered from the bull's left lower shoulder. The bullet went through the right side, passed through both lungs, and stopped in the hide on his left side. The Barnes bullet stayed together as advertised. I switched from a hornady SST bullet that would fragment into 20 pieces upon hitting any bone other than ribs.
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Great bull! I used the same bullet and mine looks very similar to that and was also found in the far shoulder/ neck area. Love it.
That is an awesome Manti bull!! You did good buddy.. I love that range, me and my son will be down there next week chasing deer with the muzzy. Home away from home, can't wait!!
Awesome video!! Congrats on a great bull! Yeah Hornady doesn't recommend the SSTs on elk.
Might I ask where on the Manti? Just curious is all.
nice! Big fives are cool! I'm getting excited for my manti hunt in just a week!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that a 338 win mag? Awesome footage. Great bull!!
Very nice, thanks for sharing and congrats!
Very cool, congrats!!
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