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My dad wants to go duck hunting the problem is he hasn't been out duck hunting in Utah in about 12 years, he retired from the army about 7 years ago. The problem is he has arthritis in both knees and his back ( i guess the 17 years of running that they make you do in the army kills your body) Anyways I am looking for places to go where he will be able to walk slowly and be pretty easy on him. We may be taking a few members from the American Legion as well ( bunch of old guys) so I am looking for suggestions of places I might be able to take him where it will be easier on his body, I thought Farmington bay but not sure if Ogden bay would be better, where would you guys suggest a fairly easy walk-in access place would be to go for him.
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Farmington is going to be pretty good walkin access for you. Ogden might be ok but I think that with all the phrag and crap out there, it might not be worth a walking trip until later in the year when you can get into ducks on the west side. You could also do Bear River, Public or one of the places to the north... they seem to have pretty good dike systems too. Good luck... thats awesome of you to take those guys out.
your best bet would proubly be farmington bay. it easy walking and you dont have to walk farr to get shoots at ducks. All the other place that has been said above you will have to walk a was to get away from the roads and parking lots. good luck and have fun.
Where are you at?? I think that will play into it also. If you are closer to Ogden, then it won't hurt you to go north...there actually are a few guys I know of that walk out in some of the Northern areas.... Farmington is good all year but the downside is the people... and lots of em until a little later. Public has at least two areas that are walkable and are non boating units so you won't be fighting boaters for birds. You can drive and park right by the Units, then just walk out the dikes or the marsh weedline. Bear River is also good.... and if you drive the roads, you can get right to a spot and then walk just a little ways to set up... not a bad choice for older guys. You might hit up Greenhead Slayer, MallardPin, or donttreadonme.... guys that actually hunt up north a lot and see what they can tell you. They might not give you secrets but at least a couple of them know BRBR well and might be able to let you know where to take these guys. You might hit up Leaky also... he's an older gentleman that is a foot soldier so he might know of or be willing to share some ideas on where you could take your dad.

Actually, don't go anywhere that I told you... apparently I'm overloading very secret spots all by myself.... shoot me a PM and if you think the old guys can handle it, I've got a spot that I'd be more than happy to take you, your father and his older friends for a few fat Mallards.... they may have to walk a little ways over soft marshgrass but I'd do it for old vets any day. Let me know.... its kind of a late season spot so they'd have to wait till like after Thanksgiving or so.... sorry, I know thats a long time.
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howards slugh is pretty good if you dont want to walk a lot.
well in talking to my dad he has not gotten any other commitments from any of the other legion members on going, so it looks like it will just be my dad and I. Due to him not being able to walk to much we decided on Farmington Bay, if anyone has any suggestions on where a decent spot to walk to that would be great to know, just PM me if you don't want to give it away. The only place I know how to get to is the main entrance so directions to any better spots would be great.

Thanks for all of your input for this post.
Where are you located and how far do you want to drive? Do you want to do much walking in the muck, or do you want to stay dry? How well can you keep a secret spot secret? I know a little spot that can't take a lot of pressure, but I might share it with a friend if he can do a little walking in some sticky mud.
Loke, I can walk a lot but my dad is not able to do a lot of very difficult walking due to arthritus in both knees and his back. So I am looking for easy walks. I am located in SLC, and as for keeping a secret on spots I am very good at doing that, been doing it for years when it has come to pheasants ( so duck spots should be easy to keep) and as my general rule if someone shares a secret spot with me I wont' take anyone to it and won't use it without talking to them before I go. I am not sure if the southern end of farmington bay is better than the main entrance, however I have no clue on how to get to the southern end without a very long walk from the main entrance
rockymtn_views said:
however I have no clue on how to get to the southern end without a very long walk from the main entrance
Should you decide to go to the south entrance of the FBWMA, here's how to get there from SLC.

Northbound (NB) on I-15, take the 400 North Exit in Bountiful. This is the exit almost immediately north of the 500 South exit. You will see the Gateway Theatre and Costco from the freeway, on your right, just prior to exiting.

(I know there is a way to get there by going west on 400 North, and I can get there that way if I'm driving, but I'll be damned if I can think of the street names and number, etc. So, I will tell you the fool proof way that I can recall at the moment) As you take the 400 N exit, bear to your right. This will put you EB on 400 N. Proceed EB on 400 N until you reach 200 West.

Turn left on 200 W, so that you are now NB. Continue on 200 W until you get to Page's Lane.

At Page's Lane, make a left. Continue WB on Page's for quite a ways. It will take you way out into West Bountiful. At the west end of Page's, follow the signs to the south entrance of FB. You'll know you're there when you see the Bountiful City Landfill kind of off to your right (north) and Bountiful Pond over to your left.

Hope that helps. Maybe someone will be able to articulate the more westerly route from 400 N and post it for you.
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What days can you go out. I hunt alone more often than not and that leaves enough room in the boat for 2 or 3 more. I live in Brigham and hunt the Bear River, Salt Creek and the P.S.G.
Another WMA you might try is Timpie Springs. I tried it once last year (didn't see anything), it has easy walking on the dikes and isn't too big. It is west of Grantsville just off of I-80. I don't have any idea how the hunting is out there. The day I spent there was a bust.
i found a spot today it is about a 15 minute hike on the dike
just to give an update, my dad and I went out today with one other guy from the legion. we hiked about a ways on the road next to the parking lot and boat dock at the end of the main entrance to Farmington Bay, the only action we say was a flock of ducks which we shot at and only got one. However before we could get in the water and get it, a boat drove by and picked it up. I thought my dads buddy from the legion was going to shoot the guys in the boat. All in all it was un-eventful and the only duck was picked up by a boat going by. Hopefully next time we will have better luck. I think though next time we will try a different location other than FB
Thats crap that those dudes stole your duck... I know, its only a duck but geez... are they that hard up? :evil: Seriously... PM me in about a month and I've got a spot that you won't get anyone stealing your ducks... well, two places actually, right outside the valley in fact. It might be a short walk on a beach to where we can build a blind but you could shoot all the teal you want... pretty much all day.
Also Public and Bear river have some decent access. Sorry to hear about your duck getting hijacked. Those guys should have dropped it off to you. Just goes to show that the sky blasters are not the only ones without ethics. :shock:
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