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We were on the water at 7:40 and headed for the nw side. We bounced the north side (approx 36-42’deep) and graphed very few small fish. The wind picked up at 8:40 as we approached the shallows (17’) on the ne side where we started to graph many larger fish. We run across a 6’ shelf that was stacked with what I think were walleye due to the wind blowing the surface area for the last couple of weeks in that direction along with bait fish etc., etc. The wind was coming out of the sw and it didn’t take but 30 min to blow us off the res. The dock was out of the water and loading the boat was a chore due to it’s location and the wind. I was hoping for a full day of fishing but my buddy (who lives just north of Evanston) was convinced we’d be off by 10 due to the wind. The water was extremely dirty and the surface temp was at 61 deg (probably due to it’s displacement from the wind). We run two poles with silver and chart spinner rigs and one around 10’ with cow bells and a worm hoping for an occasional trout to keep things alive. The wind I’m told dies off about an hour before sunset so I think just prior to the full moon this month I’ll try a night shot in hopes of smoother water and hungry eye’s. I’m not sure how the dirty water will affect the shine of the moon, it’ll probably be a jig and minnow night.
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