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Finally got out in the field for some ducks. Had quite a few shots, but the shells must have been blanks. We (Grandpa, son, me, and friends) did manage to scare a few to death though. 3 shovels, 4 red heads and 1 blue winged tiel. Had my boy out for the first time and he had a blast. I think I said "DOWN" and "SIT STILL" to many times. We would see a bird and he would say "I know dad, down and sit still you don't have to say it every time. Very funny to hear from a 6 yr. old.
I must say, that for all of the hunters out there, everyone we spoke to was very nice and helpful. Especialy the guy who without question came over and had his dog locate a lost bird for us. So, who ever was out there with the brown lab and your son "Thank You".
We were checked by the wardens as we walked out of the field. These guys were awesome. After they checked our guns and license, they took the time to talk with my boy and verify the name and sexes of each one of our birds. He thought that was so cool.

The day was all together great except for the poor guy who rolled his jeep into the pond/ditch. If anybody saw that, then you know where we were. We felt so bad for this guy as we had talked to him earlier. Very nice guy just trying to hunt with his son. Does anyone know the story behind that accident? I heard that the 8 year old was driving the car, but I don't want to beleive that.
See ya next time....
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