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Taxidermy Question

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I was lucky enough to take a big drake redhead this morning wearing jewlery!!! I have never had a duck mounted but think this is a great bird to get done. I am hoping some of you may be able to tell me how to take care of the bird until I can get it to somebody (freeze, wrap in paper then freeze??) Also any recommendation on a reasonable taxidermist? preferably close to West Jordan. Thanks in advance
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A few things that I would do.

1. Clean/wash any blood clots you might see on the bird.
2. Next take a papertowel sheet fold in thirds, wet it and wrap each foot with it's own papertowel.
3. Wet another papertowel and wrap the front half of the head area to cover the eye area and feather's that start at the bill. This will add moisture and insulate critical areas to the bird and not dry out while in the freezer.
4. Tuck the head under 1 wing, place in a med size garbage bag and wrap tight. Seal with masking tape. This should be good enough until you get it to a bird taxidermist.

I have only one suggestion for a bird taxidermist near your location...Darin Gardner
801-718-7353. He does a good bird for the price.

Next I'd say bring it to me. I do live in Payson though, not in your area and I'm at least 1 year or more out.

Good Luck.

If you have any questions...give me a call at 801-310-8042 and I can answer any questions you might have about storing bird in the freezer. :D


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What stuffinducks said.

And I'll add, if you have a food saver vacume sealer, place the duck in a grocery sack then place him in a food saver bag and seal him up. He'll Keep till hell freezes over like that. I'm food savering ALL the birds I take in at my shop and they come out fantastic. NO freezer burn. :D


Thanks to everyone for the help!
Tex's work is awesome! He did a bird for me a few years ago and it still looks great. He even repaired it after a stupid b**** sent it flying across the room during a party. Stuffin used to post pics on the DWR site and they looked nice as well but I've never seen them in person. He and Tex seem to have the utmost respect for each other though, so I'd imagine they look great in person as well. Should I ever get another mounter, I'll for sure be going back to Tex!
Thanks wingmank!

It's good to hear from happy customers. :D

I hope you've chosen some new people to party with. :wink:
Well there you have it from two of the best taxidermists in the state. I've got birds done by both of them and they both are works of art. If you want your duck to look like a mount take it to joe blow. if you want it to look like a duck take it to one of these guys.
how much does it usually cost to get one mounted
For a good one, you obviously pay more but it shows when you get it back. I've only had one mounted by Stuffinducks and that was a chukar but it was and is worth every penny. 8)
Plan on a duck running around $200 (correct me if I'm too far off tex or SD). When you decide to do it, check out their work before just handing your bird over. My friend had a duck done at the exact same time as mine but basically just picked a name out of the phone book. We payed almost the exact same price (in fact if anything, I think I actually paid a few bucks less). I however am an anal bas**** and went to 3 other places before discovering Tex. The difference between our birds? As was mentioned by Dave, one looks stuffed, one looks real. Don't get me wrong. His is pretty nice, but mine is incredible. One of the places I checked out wanted nearly double what Tex was asking and their work didn't look any better than my friend's bird, so don't assume higher prices will equal better quality.
One of the places I checked out wanted nearly double what Tex was asking and their work didn't look any better than my friend's bird, so don't assume higher prices will equal better quality.
Hard to imagine someone charging $400 for a duck!? :shock: The national average cost for a duck is $250. Utah is a little behind the natoinal rate. :shock: Go figure.

I happens though. Here's why.

Most taxidermists do it all. Heads, rugs, fish, birds, etc, etc. They get all lathered up and think they need to take in a billion pieces so they won't go broke. Then, before you know it, they can't get the work done and they end up being 2-3 years out. This is really bad for birds and fish because they will freezer burn in 6 months if not wraped up correctly. (most are not) then when they finally get to it... it's south of jerkey and they end up pi$$ing the customer off. To solve this problem they think "hey, I'll charge a ridiculous price, and that way I won't take in as much work. And, if I DO take a bird in by someone who just doesn't know any better, I'll make a killing on it." But, the guys heart is not in his work because after-all, he didn't want to do any birds in the first place. So he mounts the bird up with a crappy, drugery attitude, and it turns out like A$$!

Most taxidermists that are smart, will choose thier battles and specialize in one area. I only do birds and a few fish. PERIOD! That's not to say I couldn't mount up a mean deer head, but if I chose to take in all that other work I'd need to practice sigle cell reproduction, screw myself, and divide into two Tex's so I could get it all done. No Gracias!

I am one of only TWO full time bird guys in this WHOLE STATE. And believe me, I'm full time. -)O(- :wink:
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Not to take anything away from Tex, or others, but Dave Shaw in Lehi also does fantastic waterfowl. He did a beautiful job on the swan I got last season, it was a huge Tundra, he had to put a Trumpeters body in it. Everbody that sees it comments on how striking of a pose it is.
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