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Tell me about Marysvale!

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Any info/advice?
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Great place to ride an ATV.
I've heard that it is a good area for atving, but I will be fishing this trip. Any flyfishing info/tips?
Where are you coming from to fish? I have a suggestion that might work but it is not in Marysvale.
Since you have few replies to this request, I will give you what information I can. I grew up in the area - Sevier County - and have fished there, but I live in SLC now. There is a good resource available to you on the DWR web site. Go to http://www.wildlife.utah.gov and click on the fishing icon. Under that go to general fishing information. Scroll almost all the way down to the end of the page and look for "Utah's Wild Trout Streams". It is the fourth item from the bottom of the page. Click on that and you will get a description of streams by county. You will want to note those in Piute County. Also, give Clear Creek a try in Sevier County. If you are staying in Marysvale, ask the local folks who live there for more detailed information. It should be a great time fishing as most folks are concentrating on hunting right now.
Try the area around the Big Rock Candy Mountain resort. Most of the holes around there have some nice browns in them. Try buggers or any other big streamers pattern fly fishing, but by far the most effective method is spin fishing. Try a jakes spin a lure or a small tube jig. I worked on the bike trail in the canyon for 2 months, and fished almost every day that winter. I caught probably 15 to 20 browns over 18 inches during my stay. The biggest was 23 incher, that was beautifully colored, and wall material in my opinion. I'll try and find a pic for a later post. There's a good hole right next to the road near the swamp marsh area, where the railroad crossed the river and the pilings are still there, also try the holes around the old railroad tunnel.
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