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Thai Red Curry with wild duck

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I've been trying different ways of preparing wild game and tried out this recipe with a few minor omissions and variations: http://honest-food.net/2013/02/18/thai-red-curry-duck-recipe/

Started with two of the most fatty mallard breasts I've ever had. Seared them skin side down to make it crispy and render some of that tasty fat.
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Chopped up some garlic, ginger, 4 red thai chiles and onions and let them saute in peanut oil. Added the curry paste and coconut milk and some bell pepper for some flavor and crunch.

I sliced the duck breast thin and let it simmer in the coconut curry liquid until it was done. Not more than 5 minutes.

Added some fresh cilantro and some lime juice.

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The end result was awesome. Tons of flavor and a healthy amount of spice. Definitely one of the best methods for cooking up some duck breasts that I've tried.
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