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The chase is on

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Wednesday I am headed out to chase this buck with my Muzzy. I saw him a few months back with about 10 other really good bucks. Some of you remember we discussed his width.
Anyway, my father and I both have trespassing permits to hunt this private area. There are really big bucks everywhere. Last year my buddy while bow hunting jumped a MONSTER of a buck. He said that he thought he was an elk when he first jumped out. He had cheaters all over the place.
So to say the least, my mind is open to any big buck that comes within range of the old smoke cannon. 100-150 yards for me is about maximum distance. I did shoot a round of three at 100 yards last saturday and all three holes were touching at 100 yards. (Not typical for me to do such a thing with a muzzy) but it did help my confidence a little.
Here is a couple pics of the bucks in this area we will be hunting on Wednesday. The three by three was a smaller buck and not a shooter, but presented some neat pictures.

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good luck. those are some nice bucks there.post pic up when you get him down and home.
Wow... those are nice deer. Hope you get the one you've got your eye on and if not him, another just as nice.
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