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the new air bow

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for all of you muzzy scope haters, don't let your panties get pulled up to tight.
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But does this need more then a four arrow quiver?

It does look cool, but I can't see it being legal to hunt with during an archery hunt.
The only ones wearing panties around here are the puzzys who need a scope on their muzzys.
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The only ones wearing panties around here are the puzzys who need a scope on their muzzys.
Seen people shooting arrows out of a 410 shotgun for over 30 years... seriously. Cut the end off a shotshell, dump shot, insert the arrow into the shell, whole thing goes in the gun... BANG, man that arrow goes far.

HOLLY CRAP..What Next? Hope the State of Utah doesn't impose another season for Air Bows. If there is a way for the State to get more cash flow it will happen.. That AIR BOW is not Archery in any way shape or form. Panties in a knot? 52 years of Archery Hunting.I know women who would toss their panties away and start wearing Mens Jockey Unders before they would compromise their ethics to hunt with something this easy> Get a Gun Tag.Air Bow! I've got guys who jump my back side for not keeping up with hunting tech I still shoot a Stickbow. most of the time..Call me Dino the Dinno AIR BOW? REALLY!!
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yes it's interesting , we all know it would probably be a long time for this to used legally for hunting. unless you are on private property.
Archery equipment may be used during
any big game hunt except the muzzleloader
hunt. To hunt big game with archery equipment,
your equipment must meet all of the
following requirements:
•Your bow must have a minimum pull
of 40 pounds at the draw or the peak,
whichever comes first. VIOLATES

You may not use any of the following
archery equipment to take big game during
the archery season:
•A crossbow (Please see Utah Admin. Rule
R657-12 and Utah Admin. Rule R657-5-
11 for exceptions to this rule. )
•Arrows with chemically treated or
explosive arrowheads
•A mechanical device that holds the bow
at any increment of draw (Please see Utah Admin. Rule R657-12 and Utah
Admin. Rule R657-5-11 for exceptions to
this rule.) VIOLATES
•A release aid that is not handheld or that
supports the draw weight of the bow VIOLATES
•A bow with an attached electronic
range-finding device or a magnifyingaiming
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Wow !!!!!
That is not bow Hunting.
Panties or not.
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Do they make one with a wood stock?
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Looks like a night hunter, trespassers dream.
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I'll bet if John had one of these 'Rambo, First Blood Part II' would have ended differently.
Pre-order yours now for only $849.....

Most I have spent on a crosman product was $24..... well, $24.99+tax.
We need a air-bow forum.

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I kind of want one to shoot ducks.

Would that be legal?
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