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The serious "drouth"?

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Hey all you wise cattlemen that showed up at the April meeting, have you noticed yet we still haven't dried out? Those wise old boys that know so much and jumped on our elk herd before the August meeting can eat their words. That "serious" drouth we were in kind of got washed away by nearly a good storm per week all summer.

I know know,I should get over it already. But with a storm in the forecast for tomorrow and next week, those that said wait to make the decision were about, 100% right. Maybe next year those smarter than the rest of us good ole boys should be told to shove it before we agree to slaughter our elk herd again.
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And its not just public land. My father recently relayed a story about some ranchers pushing their cattle across our property. That in and of its self is not a big deal, but they were rude, and would not even talk to him when they were approached. We are in a position to essentially cut off access to part of their FS allotment if we cattle guard the road and fence the property, which is looking like the thing to do right now. I don't mind a few cows, but 50 poaching off of me is BS. It is just like has been said, they are welfare queens, and they should be treated as such. I have no doubt they are over their allotment this year as well.

These particular guys have some of their property enrolled in a CWMU along with some other property owners near us. So I can't hunt their property, but they think its alright to poach their cows on mine? And this is not isolated, I've dealt with it in other places as well. That is unfortunately the mentality of many of these guys.
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