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The "X"

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I got home after classes all day yesterday and I had things to get done for midterm.. Then she gave me the look and we had to go! :grin:

I went to a spot that I hadn't been to in a few years just to see what we could find. We didn't find anything there except for coots.. :shock:

It was nice to just sit there with the dog and watch the sun set. We also learned where the "X" is and next Thursday we will be there!

Kyah is one of Don Cavin's pups, she is about 18 months old and has been a great pup!


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She looks like her dam dream

Kayas parents second from left and second from right.
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Let us know how that X turns out.
how was the X?
I ended up having to stay on campus longer than I expected to take a test.. :sad:
So I didn't get to get all the way to the spot, but I was able to watch plenty of ducks drop in to that same little spot!! I have cleared my schedule for Tuesday if I can sneak out of my last class a little early :grin:

Edit: Saw a LOT of swans moving around last night.
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