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This years "deer hunt"

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For almost my entire working life, I would take a vacation around the general deer hunt. I wouldn't always have a tag, but would come anyways to help family with their hunt and most importantly, spend time with family and good friends. I guess it is just something in my biological clock. Well, this year for a variety of reasons, the buddy I do most of my big game hunting with and I decided to just buy a point for general deer. I didn't draw any other tags, so no hunting for me this year. Nevertheless, I still decided to take a few days off this week like I normally would.

Here is how my "hunt" went.

The first day, I wrestled this fish onto the float tube.

I went ahead and kept it. I still have mixed feelings about doing it, but it provided 3 nice packages of red meated goodness.

The next day, the fish were a little smaller, but were a bit prettier. I never tire of chunky fall brookies.

The next day, I spent the day doing stuff with my wife and family. Sorry, no pics.

Then my brother and I tried to hike to the top of the world. Well, the top of a certain part of the Wasatch range. ;-)

Anybody fish here before?

And higher yet.

This was not something I would expect to find at 10,300 feet on October 15th.

Finally, I stopped by the stream for a couple hours on the way home. These pictures were taken specifically for Garyfish.;-)

Good luck to all you guys heading out on the hunt this week. May you find what you are looking for.
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I didn't think there were fish in that lake?-------SS
I didn't think there were fish in that lake?-------SS
Yep, there are. Brookies, shiner minnows, and (word is) a few lake trout, believe it or not. They are working on the dam, so they currently have the lake drawn down to the natural lake level.
great stuff, wow
Thanks for thinking of me! Love your report. Fishing on the deer opener. OUTSTANDING!

One year many many years ago, my son was barely 3 years old. He and I went to fish Strawberry on the morning of the deer hunt opener. We pulled into the Ladders area just before daylight and right there staring at us were 3 little bucks - one spike and two forks. Well, we got out and fished a good part of the morning and managed to catch a few fish in between throwing rock and trying to catch some crawdads. Those little bucks just hung around the fishing area all morning - probably until around 10:30 or 11. It was outstanding!

Fishing in the fall is GREAT! Thanks for sharing, even if you were "bait fishing." ;-)
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Wow, she's really down.

Great cutthroat and pretty brookies! My kind of deer hunt.
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