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I started the morning at Meadow Creek Pond in Roy. No fish caught and no trout stocked yet. I didn't see anyone else catch anything.

I moved over to Jensen Pond in Syracuse and had several bites, but no fish caught,
I did see several Rainbows caught. Power Bait was what the anglers said that they were using.
A lot of weeds and moss close to shore made casting and retrieving difficult.

At 4:00 pm. I took my young grandson to the Clinton Pond. Some people at the Syracuse Pond said that they thought that Clinton Pond had also been stocked with Trout.

We caught 5 Catfish using a worm and bobber tipped with a power bait nugget.
We also caught a few small sun fish on just a worm and bobber.

All the Community Ponds should be stocked with Trout in the next few weeks.

Please remember to help keep these ponds clean, by picking up the trash around you, left by other inconsiderate people.

There should be some great fall fishing at the Community Ponds this year.
Be sure to take a kid with you! It's a great excuse to go fishing!
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