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Three tags, One week, and a Muzzy

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Good companionship, good weather, and lots of luck makes for a great muzzleloader season.


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Wow, congrats!! Looks like it was a season that'll be hard to duplicate!
I love that big 5. Nice job.-----SS
Awesome buck and bull! Congrats on the cow too! Congratulations on a great season
wow; I'd like a chance just to stand next to you hopping a little luck might rub off on me :p
Congrats on the great hunt
Congrats on your hunts. You are definitely filling up the freezer.
Gotta love all that meat in the freezer! Congrats on a great year!
nice! that looks like the campground we camp in. If this is on the Boulder Mts. which I'd bet 10 dollars it is.. looks like a boulder bull too. call me crazy but, I think the genes down there are unmistakable .
Did anybody bet Goosefreak? If so, you just lost ten dollars.
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