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Time for some therapy

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It has been a very good winter so far. Snow conditions are excellent, birds are cooperating, and Ava and I are trying our best to keep the voices quiet.

We took a buddy and his griffs out to teach them the ptarmigan game and to give my new ski set up a try. Definitely a big improvement over snow shoes. My buddy's griffs managed to honor Ava's points a few times, and did some nice recovery work on a couple cripples that flew far before dropping. But Ava easily showed them why she is the Queen of the Mountain by finding every contact first for the day (and gave the griffs the serious stink eye on the tail gate for trying to share in her birds).

Gotta love hunting for white birds that bury themselves in the white snow on an overcast, flat white light day.

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This batch of ptarmigan porcini parmesan sausage ain't a bad way to use up 25lbs of ptarmy breasts either. Might have to thaw out some more birds and make another batch here soon.
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welp--I just noticed this was in the 'hunting outside of Utah' section, I figured it was in upland section. So I kinda feel like a tool for posting a Utah pic here--let's just pretend it's Nevada if that's ok. I was just trying to help save our eyes from getting snow blindness, I'm surprised Mr Cakes can see well enough to operate his keyboard :p
What's worse is my truck has been back in the shop waiting on new fuel lines since March 1, and for 2 weeks I couldn't find my sunglasses until I remembered I had left them in there. Some of those hunts were straight up BRUTAL at the beginning of this month.
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