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So I went out for pretty much my first real time to hunt chuckars yesterday after hearing them all throughout the archery and muzzleloader hunt. But I left late because I feel asleep after work so I got there with about 15 minutes left of shooting light and only had time to walk up this one little drainage. Didn't see any so when I got to the top I walked down the other side of the drainage it was now to dark to shoot in my opinion and I jumped about 40 of them but just decided to let them pass because I wasn't sure if I would find them if I knocked one down. I may try and go out this afternoon before the deer hunt starts tomorrow so I'm not screwing up their hunt but what do you guys recommend doing for hunting chuckars in the afternoon? I don't have a dog so no luck there. Should I just keep hiking around until I run into some more or should I wait until mornings or evening when I can listen for them? I guess what I'm really trying to ask is do they make noise in the afternoon so I can find them or is it just pretty much if I run into them then great. I have enjoyed it so far though!
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They make noise all day long--definitely more at certain times but there is no set rules on when or where they make noise. You cannot kill them while sitting at home and any time spent in the field is a good time so my advice would be to just get out when you can maybe you would luck into some vocal chucks. Or get someone with a fine pointing dog to take you out.
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Thanks airborne good info. I know I'll get some was just curious on the vocal thing. I walked right past these chuckars to the right of me and they held tight for quite a while. Pretty neat
I spend a lot of time hiking the oak creeks and hear them all day. I have never hunted them, but think I might try it this year.
I could have gotten quite a few on the muzzleloader hunt. I had 100 take off 15 yards behind me and it sounded like an m-80 bomber taking off
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