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Tony Chachere's All-Purpose Seasoning

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Nor-tah's cool wing recipe reminded me that some may not have the "secret" recipe for Tony Chachere's All-Purpose Seasoning:

1 - 26 oz box table salt
1 - 1 1/2 oz box of black pepper
1 - 2 oz bottle of ground cayenne
1 - 1 oz bottle of garlic powder
1 - 1 oz bottle of chili powder
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I grew up on this stuff in Shreveport, La. We like to follow the instructions on the bottle, "Use it like salt, when it's salty enough, it's seasoned to perfection". We do use it on everything! Even salads. Not sure what it cost to make a batch, but the large container at Wal-Mart is dirt cheap as it is. Truly a great blend of spices.
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I work in Shreveport once in awhile at the Calumet Refinery. Uh...actually, I go down there once a year to teach BBQing. ah, ha, ha, ha, just kidding

There's some great cooks down that way:

I know exactly where that was taken.....that's freakin' awesome! Yeah, Calumet is right off the freeway by Libby Glass. I knew several guys who ended up working there after school. Love their "outlet" store. Back on topic though, Tony's is the best. I think I may use one of their injectors this Fall on a turkey, then smoke another. Have you tried their injectable seasonings?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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