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Too Bad For Ethics!

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So, these deer are in my back yard.........They are there every night and every night there is more than the last night. I like to watch them and see them but they are just one more reminder that I haven't filled my tag yet! If I didn't have ethics I guess I would have my tag filled by now, that 4x4 isn't too bad.
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That looks like a decent parade. Remember, no one but you is allowed to police your ethics, so it sounds like you are doing a good job of not poaching and staying ethical.

Boy, that bottom picture is presenting a great (ethical) shot opportunity.
yeah, that 4x4 is about 30 yards from me and has no idea I'm there.....he stood broad side for about 15 min that I could have plugged him.....oh well.....life goes on!
Thank Goodness For Ethics

Actually, I'm sorry if the subject title came out wrong....I just wanted to catch your attention and I knew that would do it. I am glad that there are laws and regulations to protect against poaching. Without them we wouldn't have the opportunities to do the thing that we all love...hunting! I'm glad that there are people out there that do have ethics and stand for something. There is a country song..."You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything...." So I'm glad that there are people out there like ya'll that have ethics and make it possible for the preservation of this fine sport, past time, hobby...whatever you want to call it, so that me and my children can continue to hunt and enjoy the fine creations the good Lord has put on this earth.......so, I take back the tile of this post and call it.......Thank Goodness For Ethics!
that a realy nice four point there. thanks for sharing. that would be nice to look at every night. nice job shooting them with teh camra.
yep sure is nice to have deer in the back yard..have you named any of them?
haven't named them....I should though, I'll take some more pics and think about it and let you know....I'll post pics with names.
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