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My 2005 GMC only has 106,000 miles. Every dealer I've talked to about other trucks, DROOL over the thought of getting that thing on trade. Its still a really good truck so I'm not in a rush to unload it. Got a new Oil Pressure gauge on order to fix the pegged needle... its the only thing wrong with the entire truck.

And the problem is, they will give you pennies on the dollar for trade. I was goofing around one day at a dealership and the salesguy said they could match my current monthly payment on my trade in. I asked if they could seriously and he said not a problem.

You should have seen him balk when he learned I owed nothing so my monthly payment would be zero dollars on a new ride.

It will be cheaper for me to put in a new "bullet proof" engine and new transmission instead of buying new.
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