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Turkey help

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How does a guy go about finding turkeys? I have a great spot but its just a ways from my house that I found on accident and would like a spot closer. I hear there are turkeys where I want to go I just don't really know what to look for.
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I appreciate the help, guys! I'm going to go wander this week and hang some cameras and blow my crow call. One of my issues is that I'm only interested in doing a spot and stalk hunt with my bow so it kind of limits me as far as the terrain that I can hunt them in. I just recently moved out to Tooele county and would like to find some out here so I can hunt after work but I guess if I have to I can go try my other spot if it gets down to the wire.
Brisket, I unfortunately have not been able to locate any of the sheep out here yet. I was however able to locate a flock of 11 hens and 1 jake last night, I assume there must be some toms around somewhere, right? I would be happy to share some info about my other spot though, the only catch is that it is in an archery only area and its a little bit of a hoof but its fun.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts