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Turkey help

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How does a guy go about finding turkeys? I have a great spot but its just a ways from my house that I found on accident and would like a spot closer. I hear there are turkeys where I want to go I just don't really know what to look for.
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go for a hike. And listen for gobbles. Early morning and late evening are best, because the birds are really noisy coming down and going up to roost. but you can still hear them gobble mid-day too. Us a locator call (crow, gobble, pea****, etc.) occasionally. Just hit that call once in a while, and listen for a gobble response. Heck, turkey's will gobble at an ATV or truck too...

Of course, seeing tracks helps...
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you should have turkey's around Tooele.


spot and stalk instructions:

1. go for a hike. Blow your crow call. Listen. When you hear a tom gobble back, you have the "spot" portion complete.

2. once you have #1 above complete, begin your stalk by sitting down behind a tree. put away the crow call and use your [box, slate, diaphram] to yelp, cackle, purr, etc. Wait for tom to run to you. Stalk is now complete.

That should satisfy your spot and stalk with a bow needs.

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