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typical/non-typical antler question

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So, ya'll may think I might already know this but I was curious as to whether a non-typical buck is always a non-typical buck or if it is just for one year until the antlers fall off. I've never seen a non-typical two point.....I'm not talking just the normal 1x2 or 2x3 or 3x4 different number on both sides kind of non-typical but I'm talking the 19,000X39000 freakizoid bucks that are sometimes seen. Once the antlers get injured do they grow that same way year after year? Anyway, just a question.
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Non-typicals are sometimes due to injury and if it's an injury to the pedicle, it's probably permanent. But there are genetic non-typicals that account for cheater points and drop tinnes that will regrow year after year. Crab claws are regional and due to mineral content in the diet. I read all this on Idaho's website not long ago. Take it for what it's worth.
so can you get a 2x2 non-typical?
My dad got a non typical 2x2 this year. He got it during the bow hunt. It was one cool looking buck.
Mind posting a picture so we can see what that would look like?
I will see if he can take a picture of the antlers. He kept it only because he thought it was pretty rare. You have to look at it and see what it will become when you see the pic. I will try and get him to send it to me right away.
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