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Understanding Utah Hunting regs

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It's been 20 years since I hunted in Utah and boy have the regs changed! I just retired and moved back to southern Utah and would like to get back into it. I've read the guidebook and even spoken to a few local hunters but I still can't make heads or tails of the new system. Back in the day I could buy a deer tag, go hunt opening weekend with my father-in-law on the other side of the state and come home and hunt after work the rest of the time. Now it seems like hunting in multiple areas of the state is out and I need to pick just one area. Any suggestions or hacks on how to best utilize my hunting time would be appreciated!
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There are 3 types of buck tags in Utah, "General", "Limited Entry" and "CWMU" (private property).

The state is divided up into small units as of a few years ago, you can no longer hunt across the state. You need to first decide where you want to hunt, then consult the following map to see what unit that area is in:


The above link shows General season units. The other areas that are not colored are the Limited Entry units. You can apply for 1 general unit and 1 limited area unit, but you can only draw 1 buck tag (drawing one removes you from the other draw).

There are points systems and other things involved, but the above should answer your basic question.

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