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Unexpected Cougar

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Thought I would share this! I have been running a trap line this year, and while out and about checking traps, I was seeing a lot of cougar tracks. I purchased an over the counter harvest objective tag for cougar, because well... ya never know.. Last week after checking traps, I thought while I was out, I might try to do a little calling. After setting up, and running the Foxpro for not even a min, To my amazement and total suprise, this cougar come slinking out, putting the sneak on my call!! I had to have set up right on top of her, I shot her at 15yrds away!!! First cougar I have ever gotten, and as far as I know, Kinda like hitting the lottery!!!!


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lol yes sir, nine mile unit! I'm going to attribute this cat to dumb *ss luck! Or as your signature says "even a bling squirrel finds a nut once and awhile"
Thank you all! I am feeling very blessed to have gotten such an elusive beautiful critter!
That in and of itself is pretty cool to watch a cat for that long! It very well could have been close to a kill site because the area is full of wintering deer.
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I'll bet he has some bear recipes, too
mmm bear... now you have my attention:grin:
That is a wild story to tell! Great work, and saved a couple deer I'm sure from the critter.

Now, what caliber of gun did you shoot it with? Looks like it did the job and then some.:mrgreen:
just a simple 5.56 55 grain varmint round.. didnt leave to big of an exit hole, but hit a main vein so she bled out pretty quick.. lots o blood. :grin:
Great job Cedar Wood! That is a story for sure. Can't wait to see it.
"Cedar Wood" I see what you done there... nicely done and well played! I'll send you some pictures for sure when I get her back!
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