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UT Bookcliffs Bear (almost) archery hunt

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Wow, UT is super stingy with bear tags! I get it, more bears walking makes for more bears for houndsmen to pursue but it took 9 points back in 2019 to climb to the front of the line in the BookCliffs for a spring bear hunt. In Colorado we practically give away bear tags with each vehicle registration renewal. LOL.

Was very fortunate to meet a couple great houndsmen who took it upon themselves to welcome me and at no cost (they are not outfitters in UT) and were just there having fun training dogs on pursuit-only permits.

Incredible few days finding and chasing bears till an outsized boar was found. Learned a ton and impressed with how hard these guys work to train and run their dogs. The dogs were amazing. After a 5 mile pursuit, and after my bear was taken and we packed it back to the trucks they were quickly off chasing yet another fresh hit on bear tracks as I drove off to get my bear checked. Tough guys for sure as I was whipped by then.

Some photos:

Dog Plant Carnivore Fawn Adaptation

Plant Eye Carnivore Tree Biome

Sky Sculpture Statue Working animal Wood

You can see this dog was torn up and bleeding from fighting the bear during the pursuit and before it was treed. Required a lot of medical care and antibiotics but came out OK after some time.
Carnivore Fawn Terrestrial animal Wood Livestock

Again, never would have turned out this well without generous and skilled help from two houndsmen who jumped in to help me just for the fun of it. They were pretty patient, as keeping up with seasoned houndsmen is near impossible for a fit hunter not used to chasing hounds up and down and up and down through valleys and cliffy terrain. Was intended to be a bow hunt but after a few pursuits and apparently having knocked a cable off a cam of my bow, I was standing at the tree 5 miles from the truck with a nonfunctioning bow, so borrowed a .45 pistol from one of the houndsmen to close the deal.
Carnivore Tree Sky Fawn Dog


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Congratulations and thank you for sharing!
Congratulations to you sir on an outstanding bear!!
And thank you for the superb post.
That’s a good looking animal. I have heard that many hounds men are just as you described. Glad you were able to make some new friends during your hunt!
Great looking bear! I hope to do that some day; especially watching hounds do their work
Very nice bear!! Congrats. I'd rather hunt bears and antelope over all other species if I could.
That is a friggin awesome bear. I love the color!
That is a friggin awesome bear. I love the color!

Thanks. The treed bear photo is the same bear and that is how the hide looks now. Odd it looks so different on the ground, lighter than actual.
Hopefully the State will add Bears soon to the same category as Coyotes and Cougars and not make it so hard to get a Bear tag.
Bears eat way too many Mule Deer fawns and we need our Deer herd back.
Then you can go kill a Bear every year instead of waiting nine years!
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That is a really great looking bear - congrats!! Thanks for sharing with us!
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Nice pics , I was down there last weekend helping a buddy pack in bait on Monday. Awesome country , hope to find more bear this weekend
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